• About J-line

    From the Beginning….

    As Far as Janella can remember her love for creativity has always run through her https://sigmaessays.com/buy-essay/ family. Her Grandmother and Mother both loved to paint and create pottery; which was passed down to Janella and her older sister, who now enjoy creating beautiful pieces of art every day.

    So it has always been there… that artistic streak in her family line that comes to life when she is designing and creating her jewellery pieces. Every whimsical creation is inspired by Janella’s inner style and love for Mother Nature’s most natural creations of crystals, feathers and gemstones.

    From a very young age, Janella always remembers owning a box full of beads and making https://ghostwriteronline.eu/masterarbeit/ friendship bracelets with shells that she collected from her childhood beach. She never dreamed that her creative inner spirit would take her as far as she has come today…

    Janella has created her J-line Designs Studio to become her sanctuary to channel her inner, artistic spirit for her love of creating unique jewellery to share with her friends, family and adored consumers <3 

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